Brrrrrr! It’s furrreezing!

The cooler weather is here, but what does this mean for our furry friends? Here’s a few tips to keep your pets happy and healthy throughout winter. 

1. Continue to exercise your pet

As dog owners, we know it’s our responsibility to walk our pooches come rain or shine. Getting some fresh air and strolling in the great outdoors provides important mental stimulation and exercise for your dog (and for you as well!).

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2. Warm and comfortable bedding

If your pet sleeps outside, make sure they have plenty of shelter, a comfortable bed and some blankets to keep them warm overnight. It might be worth considering a spot for them to sleep inside during the winter months, particularly as your pet gets older. 

3. Maintain a healthy diet

If diets aren’t adjusted when we exercise our pets less (let’s face it… we’ve all been guilty of “it’s too cold”!), their metabolism can change and they can gain weight. If you aren’t able to exercise your pet as much, be sure to adjust their food accordingly.

4. Fresh Water

If you keep a water bowl for your pet outside, be sure to check that the water hasn’t frozen over, or put it under cover to help prevent this.

If your pet is allowed indoors they can get dehydrated quickly with heating systems on, so make sure you check and fill up their water bowls often.  

5. Regular Health Checks

It’s always a good idea to bring your pet in for a winter check-up. This is particularly important for older pets. When the cold weather sets in older pets are more susceptible to painful conditions such as arthritis.

Call your local Fur Life Vet clinic to book in for your pre-winter health check.
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