Meet Sasha

Beautiful Sasha was playing outside late one afternoon when things went terribly wrong. Luckily, her owner acted quickly and called her local Fur Life Vet clinic. Vetriage nurse Shauna answered and was able to arrange an emergency vet visit promptly.

The Problem

While playing outside, Sasha ran onto a stick which cause her to immediately yelp in pain.  Sasha’s owner wasn’t sure how big the stick was but called the local Fur Life Vet Clinic straight away to seek advice.

How Sasha presented at the clinic
The Process

Vetriage vet nurse, Shauna, answered the call and advised a visit to the clinic to see a vet as soon as possible. Shauna contacted the on-call vet (Cara) to advise her of Sasha’s condition and their ETA to the clinic. Radiographs were taken to determine how long the stick was and the damage it had caused. It was then decided that Sasha needed surgery to remove the stick as soon as possible.

Sasha had surgery to remove the stick
The Outcome

Surgery was promptly arranged and the stick was successfully removed. Sasha survived surgery, and made a full recovery.

The stick was successfully removed & Sasha made a full recovery

Although Sasha’s story has a happy ending, things could have taken a darker turn very easily had it not been for her owner’s swift actions and the availability of total care for Sasha from our Gympie team. We are pleased that she made a full recovery and glad that we were able to help.

Our skilled and friendly team of triage professionals are available 24/7 if your pet ever requires emergency care.

Calling your local Fur Life Vet out of hours will get you put straight through to our triage team so if you haven’t already, make sure to save your preferred clinic’s number to your contacts for easy access.

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