Meet Devon

Devilish Devon the Dashaund felt like a naughty snack at tea time and decided to have some chocolate. At 10:15pm his owners called the Fur Life Vet clinic where our Vetriage nurse Erin consulted the chocolate toxicity calculator which indicated “potential death” then was able to arrange an emergency vet visit promptly.


The Problem

Devon ate 100 grams of chocolate at 6pm, the client didn’t call the clinic until 10:15pm when Devon started showing symptoms of restlessness, swollen stomach and drinking lots of water. Our Vetriage nurse Erin was called and she arranged an emergency vet visit.

Devon snuck in a toxic treat of chocolate
The Process

Vetriage vet nurse, Erin, answered the call and advised a visit to the clinic to see a vet as soon as possible after doing a chocolate toxicity calculator which advised “potential death”. Erin contacted the on-call vet (Rosemary) to advise her of Devon’s condition and their ETA to the clinic.

Dr Rosemary gave medicine to Devon so he could vomit what he ate, to which he vomited 4-5 times of chocolate and toilet roll.

Devon vomited chocolate and a toilet roll
The Outcome

Devon was sent home, once his nausea had passed he was given charcoal medication and told to rest with pain relief.

Devon was sent home with medication and told to rest

Although Devon’s story has a happy ending, things could have taken a darker turn very easily had it not been for her owner’s swift actions and the availability of total care for Devon from our Tassie team. We are pleased that he made a full recovery and glad that we were able to help.

Our skilled and friendly team of triage professionals are available 24/7 if your pet ever requires emergency care.

Calling your local Fur Life Vet out of hours will get you put straight through to our triage team so if you haven’t already, make sure to save your preferred clinic’s number to your contacts for easy access.

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