New Puppy?

Find out why Puppy School should be high on your list of things to do with your new family member.

Puppy school provides a safe space to allow structured socialisation for puppies with other pups their age, with new people and ideally within a veterinary environment.

Puppies that attend puppy school are still within the critical socialisation phase of development. This developmental period lasts between 3-14 weeks of age and is so important because this is when the rate of new neural connections within the brain are forming at an extremely fast rate. Interactions and experiences in this period will set pups up for how they tolerate the world around them for the rest of their life.

Pups that either have no new experiences or pups that have negative experiences in this sensitive time, can remain wary and fearful of new people, pets, places and situations for the rest of their life. In comparison, a well socialised pup that has had positive experiences in this time and has felt safe during exposure to new experiences, can be set up to be more comfortable and tolerant of new experiences, people and pets for the rest of their life.

Puppy school not only sets up a positive environment for the pups to have new social experiences, but trained staff can also monitor to ensure all pups stay within a positive emotional state during socialisation and tailor classes to ensure all pups have interactions that are appropriate for the individuals.

Positive interactions with many different types of dogs during this socialisation period can ensure pups can develop critical social skills such as how to read and appropriately respond to other dog’s body language as well as how to play safely.

Puppy school at a Fur Life Vet Clinic* provides benefits other than just positive inter-puppy socialisation, it will also:

  • Set up a foundation for your pup to have positive experiences within the veterinary clinic environment, assisting them to remain calm and even enjoy their future veterinary visits throughout their life.
  • Teach new pet parents about a range of husbandry and pet health advice
  • Most importantly, teach pet parents how to read the body language of their own pups and ensure they have the tools to continue positive socialisation for their pup outside of puppy class and how to look after their emotional and mental health as pups and as adult dogs.
  • A number of behavioural problems can be prevented by proper socialisation of puppies, by Pet Parents being aware of their dog’s emotional state, providing enrichment (which puppy school will introduce) and by early detection and intervention, which puppy school staff may detect early signs of and be able to provide advice or set up a discussion with your vet.

*Not all Fur Life Vet clinics offer Puppy School Classes. Please check with your local Fur Life Vet clinic or refer to the list of our clinics that provide Puppy School below.

Fur Life Vet Clinics offering Puppy School Classes
  • Cox Street Vets Hamilton
  • Devoted Vets Warragul
  • Echuca Moama Vets
  • Finley Vet Clinic
  • Gympie Veterinary Services
  • Kyabram Vet Clinic
  • ScottsdaleVeterinary Services
  • SmithtonVeterinary Service
  • Warrnambool Veterinary

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