Best Mates Membership

Best Mates Membership provides 12 months peace of mind for you and the best of care for your pet.

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Best Mates Membership

Best Mates Membership –  Helping you keep your pet healthy and happy for life.

Best Mates is Fur Life Vet’s preventative and protective healthcare program designed to keep your pet healthier and happier for longer. Best Mates is not a pet insurance plan, the annual program provides you with real savings across regular veterinary expenses such as vaccinations, desexing, dental work and medications. Plus unlimited FREE consults!*

• Unlimited FREE Consultations • FREE Dental or Desexing • FREE Vaccinations • FREE Health Screen Blood test • 10% Discount on medication & professional services • 15% Discount on parasite control products • 15% Discount on food & merchandise • 20% Discount on grooming • Unlimited FREE nail trims • FREE Microchip

Looking to renew an existing Best Mates membership? Please talk to your local Fur Life Vet clinic and renew direct.

Membership Rates:

$745/Year First Pet

$645/Year Per Additional Pet

Any discounts or special offers will be automatically applied at checkout

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Membership Benefits


Unlimited FREE Consultations. Never pay a consult fee, only pay for your discounted medication if required.

Dental or Desexing

Membership includes a Dental Scale and Polish plus Dental Chart OR Spey or Castrate.


Membership includes your dogs annual or triannual vaccination OR Your cat’s vaccinations tricat, ducat and FIV as required.

Health Screen Blood Test

Essential tools for identifying diseases at the earliest stage possible. Your membership includes a 10 part Health Screen and SDMA Test.

Medications & Professional Services

10% discount on all medications dispensed and professional services performed by a vet including pathology test, surgery and hospital treatment.

Parasite Control

15% discount applied on the purchase of parasite control products including the Proheart SR12 injection.

Food & Merchandise

15% discount on all food and merchandise sold through the clinic.


20% discount for all members.

Free Nail Trims

Unlimited FREE nail trims for the duration of their membership.


Best Mates Terms & Conditions
A guide to your Best Mate’s Annual Membership

The Best Mates Program is an Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Vet initiative which offers an annual membership to participating clients. The annual membership provides access to select veterinary services provided by Apiam Animal Health participating Veterinary Clinics. Services do not include veterinary services not provided by Apiam Animal Health participating Veterinary clinics unless specified.

Membership is limited to one (1) nominated Companion Animal, defined as a domesticated canine or feline per annual membership. Separate memberships must be purchased for each additional Companion Animal owned by a participating client (‘member’) should they wish that animal to receive the same membership benefits. Additional animal membership is at a reduced rate to the first enrolled animal.

membership fees

Payment must be received in full for membership to commence.

The annual membership fee will be reviewed on 1 July of each year.  Members will be advised of any change in the membership fee and subsequent changes will apply from the anniversary of the commencement of membership where a member chooses to renew their membership.

Membership is on an annual basis commencing from the date of subscription. A renewal notice will be sent to each member at least one (1) month prior to expiry of the annual membership.

Where a member animal dies members may request a refund of membership fees by written notification to the Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Vet Veterinary Clinic where the membership was purchased. In such circumstances members will be entitled to a reimbursement of the difference between the normal value of the goods and services obtained through the Best Mates Program and the total of the annual membership payment.

Membership may be transferred with the animal in circumstances where the animal has been sold and the new owner agrees to the terms of the membership. In such circumstances a refund as described above cannot be provided to the new member/owner if the animal dies.

Membership benefits are valid at all participating Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Vet clinics throughout Australia and where the participating clinic normally provides or retails the products or services listed.

# Prices include GST

Best Mates Membership Entitles Members to the following services and benefits:
Unlimited FREE Consultations.

Free consultations apply to standard consultations. All consultations will require an appointment and are to be scheduled during normal clinic hours. The unlimited free consultations are not eligible during public holidays, after the clinics normal operating hours, house calls, veterinary specialist or behavioural consultations. In hospital exams during periods of hospitalisation are excluded. Excludes behaviour, nutrition, MSK, rehab evaluation, rehab/hydro/pool consults where excluded.

FREE Vaccinations

Vaccinations included are the entire course of Annual vaccinations that would normally be prescribed for your pet during their active membership.  The vaccinations prescribed are to be determined by the Apiam Animal Health veterinarian according to the age, health, and vaccination history of the member pet and recognised vaccination protocols. Vaccinations that may be prescribed as part of this program provide protection against the following diseases:

Canine: distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and bordetella bronchiseptica.

Feline: Feline Immunodeficiency virus, Feline enteritis, Panleukopaenia, Herpesvirus, Calicivirus and Chlamydiosis.

Rabies vaccination is excluded.

FREE Microchip (one)

Member pets are entitled to one FREE microchip If they have not previously been microchipped.

FREE 10 Point Blood Health Screen & SDMA Test

Included in the blood test is the IDEXX Chem 10 and the SDMA kidney function test. Membership provides for one test during the membership period.

FREE Dental or FREE Desexing

Membership provides for either one FREE dental scale and polish including dental radiographs performed by a veterinarian or a FREE standard desexing and not both in the same membership year. Normal surcharges will apply where the animal is presented as overweight, in season, with retained testicles or pregnant. Surcharges will attract a 10% discount. Excludes alternative desexing methods such as Laparoscopic Spey, Hysterectomy, Vasectomy.

Discounted Medications & Professional Services

Members are entitled to a 10% Discount on the following professional services: surgery, imagery, diagnostics, anaesthetics, procedures, hospital treatment and prescribed medications performed by an Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Veterinarian at a participating Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Vet Clinic during active membership.

Discounted Parasite Control

A 15% discount applies to the purchase of parasite control products including the Proheart SR12 injection where the participating Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Vet clinic normally stocks and retails parasite control products during active membership.

Discounted Food & Merchandise

15% discount on all food and merchandise normally stocked or retailed through the participating Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Vet Clinic during the life of the membership.

Unlimited FREE nail trims

Unlimited Free nail trims performed by an Apiam Animal Health employee at a participating Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Vet clinic during active membership.

Discounted Grooming

A 20% discount applies to standard grooming services where the participating Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Vet Clinic provides a grooming service.

Discounts and benefits included in the Best Mates program cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or offers.

Fair Use Policy

Best Mates members acknowledge the terms and conditions of their membership and agree that the membership benefits are limited to reasonable usage. Reasonable usage is determined and defined by the Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Vet.

If unreasonable use is determined the vet may:

Notify the member in writing that usage has become unreasonable


If the unreasonable usage continues notify the member, without additional notice that their membership has been terminated.


The member acknowledges these terms and conditions and agrees that by applying for membership and/or accepting any membership benefits that they (jointly and severally if applicable) are bound by these terms and conditions and any other terms and conditions notified by Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Vet from time to time.


Apiam Animal Health Fur Life Vet includes the following participating Fur Life Vet Clinics:

Further details can be obtained from your local Apiam Animal health Fur Life Vet.

The Best Mates Program is not pet insurance. By becoming a member of the Best Mates Program you are not obtaining pet insurance coverage. Terms and conditions are current as of 1st July 2021.

What is included in the free 10-part health screen blood test?

The Chem 10 Blood test panel checks for diabetes, kidney function, liver function, some muscular diseases and some metabolic diseases. Plus an SDMA test that can detect kidney disease in cats and dogs months or years earlier than standard screening technologies.

As a yearly test the results set a baseline for your pets wellness allowing our vets to chart your pets health levels year on year and more easily identify any deviation that might point towards an underlying health condition. In their lifetime 1 in 3 cats and 1 in 10 dogs will get some form of kidney disease. The SDMA test means our vets can pick up any sign of kidney disease at the earliest possible stage meaning a better health outcome for your pet.

What is included in the free dental?

The free dental includes scaling to remove tartar build-up and a polish plus a dental and gum health assessment. Corrective dental procedures can be expensive. An annual dental check that includes a scale and polish is designed to take preventative action before dental disease takes hold and expensive treatment and surgery are needed. If dental disease requiring more extensive action, such as dental extractions is identified Best Mates members receive 10% off these procedures. You will receive a full dental report at the time of your pet’s dental that identifies if any further action is required. Remember that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of dental disease by age 3!

Are after hours calls included as free consultations?

No afterhours calls are not a standard consultation however Best Mates members receive a 10% discount. As a Best Mates member you have unlimited free consultations so if you suspect your pet is unwell you can make an appointment and see a vet without having to worry about paying a consult fee. We encourage our Best Mates Members to take advantage of Free consultations to catch niggling health issues before they become an emergency and for their own peace of mind. Of course, accidents or emergencies still may happen and to assist our Best Mates members such cases attract a 10% discount.

Why do I have a charge if my consultation was free?

Best Mates Members do not pay a consultation fee however where tests or medications or surgery are required then costs apply. But remember as a Best Mates member medications, pathology, surgery and hospital treatments all attract a 10% discount.

What if my pet passes away?

If your pet passes away during the membership period our team will work out the full value of the benefits received during the membership and refund the difference between the subscription fee and the full amount.

Best Mates

Did you know that a Best Mates Membership includes:

  • Unlimited FREE consults
  • FREE Desexing or Dental
  • FREE Vaccinations
  • DISCOUNTED professional services, nutrition and merchandise!

Plus more ...