We all know how important human first aid kits are, but do you have one for your furry friend? Pet First Aid kits are often overlooked, but could save your pets’ life! See below for a list of essential items we reccomend to keep packed in your Pet First Aid Kit for non-emergency accidents and incidents.

Pet First Aid Kit Essential Items

Emergency Information

Keeping hard copies of emergency information in your Pet First Aid Kit will ensure you have access to emergency assistance at all times. Also, if you ever have someone looking after your pet, you can give them the Pet First Aid Kit so they also have access to their informaiton should they need it. This should include:

  • Your vet’s phone number
  • Your pets medical and vaccination history
  • First aid booklet with important information including treating snake bites, CPR, etc. 
Bandages & Tape
  • Gauze pads to stop bleeding or to use as bandages
  • Gauze roll to hold gauze pads and cotton wool in place
  • Adhesive tape to secure gauze pads and roll
  • Conforming bandage to cling to your pet’s body or limbs and apply pressure to wounds
  • Cotton wool balls for bathing wounds and applying pressure to wounds
Blunt End Scissors

Blunt end scissors can be used to cut gauze and adhesive tape, or to cut fur to better access any wounds.

Disposable Gloves

Protective gloves should be kept in your Pet First Aid Kit to keep your hands clean during treatment of wounds. 


Sterile saline solution can be used to flush out wounds, the eyes, or mouth.

A Towel or Blanket

If your dog is injured or panicking, gently wrapping them up in a soft blanket can help calm them down and allow you to access their injury without being scratched or bitten.

A towel could be used in the same way, or can also be wetted and placed over your pet to cool them down if overheating. 

NOTE: Injured dogs can react in out-of character ways and become aggressive. It is important to remain vigiliant when treating and assessing your dogs’ wounds as there is a much higher risk of being injured/bitten by a dog that is in pain.


If your pet needs urgent medical assistance, call your local Fur Life Vet immediately.

Click here to find your local Fur Life Vet clinic.

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