Keep your pet happy and healthy with exercise

If you’re trying to reduce your pet’s weight or help your pet maintain a healthy weight, you can complement the right food with simple and fun exercises!

For information and guidance on what to feed your pet to keep him or her at a healthy weight range whilst maintaining a balanced nutritional diet talk to your local Fur Life Vet. Our clinics have a range of foods suitable for all sizes and ages of dogs and cats. 

Exercise your dog’s playfulness!

Create a natural obstacle course with benches, trees, ditches or anything you encounter along the way that your dog can jump over, crawl under or balance on.

Take a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood. This is a great way to exercise and bond with your dog.

Play fetch with a ball or toy (don’t use sticks as these can splinter and cause injury to your dog).

Hide a toy or some kibble and let your dog find it.

Join a dog obedience club or dog sports club like Lure Racing or Tracking for exercies and socialisation too!

Exercise your cat’s curiosity!

Use commercial or homemade cat toys to encourage active play (such as a feather, cat fishing pole, foil balls and paper balls)

Shine a flashlight on the wall and let your cat chase it (do not use a red laser light, as it may damage your cat’s eyes)

Let your cat play in a box or paper bag

Feed your cat in different places every day so they can hunt for the food.

Make your cat work harder by using obstacles or feeding from tall furniture (you can feed upstairs/downstairs if you have stairs in your home)

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