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Everything about Fur Life Vet has your pet’s best interest at heart. By helping you take a proactive approach to your pet’s long-term health, you and your vet will be able to reduce the incidence of preventable diseases and increase life expectancy. On our Fur Life Vet website, and at our clinics, you’ll find all kinds of useful information to help you care for your pet, including dental care, vaccinations, parasite prevention, nutrition, grooming, seniors’ special care as well as more specific clinical information if required and so much more.

This spring we are introducing a range of Pet Checker Videos delivered by our own friendly vet team which we hope you will informative. Bookmark this page. Our vet’s are keen to produce more videos covering pet health, common diseases, training and a few just for fun because we totally love our pets … just like you!

Spring allergies

Hay fever anyone? Spring is a beautiful time of year but it can often mean allergies. Grass seeds too! The itchies and scratchies in dogs and cats can be caused by a range of reasons, not just the time of year. Our Fur Life Vet, Dr Serena Moore has a few tips on what to look out for and what just might be causing that annoying itch.

Grass seeds

Who doesn’t like taking their doggo for a long relaxing walk or energetic run through lovely paddocks of lush new season grass? No doubt we all think of nasties like snakes and other biting creatures, pot holes where you can twist an ankle or go head over heals? But we also need to look at the grass a little closer too. During spring grass seeds are every where. And grass seeds can be very dangerous! Dr Lisa Prestwood explains why ….


Heartworm is preventable. One simple, annual injection for your dog and he is protected. All it takes is a single bite from an infected mosquito and your dog can become infected. Fur Life Vet Dr Lisa Prestwood brings you up-to-date on all things Heartworm.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease is often called the silent pet killer, Fur Life Vet Dr Chloe Nugent provides all the background info you need to understand how important kidney health is for your pet, the latest diagnostic tools (SDMA) and why you should include this simple blood test in your pet’s annual health check.

Helping your dog breath easier

Fur Life Vet, Dr Duncan Runciman has recently performed soft palate surgery on a British Bulldog who was struggling to breath. The videos below really do speak volumes on how this surgical procedure can make a world of difference for dogs suffering similar issues. So sit back, turn the volume up and witness the difference for yourself.