Online Booking & Telemedicine

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You can now Book Online with your local Fur Life Vet clinic via their website or Facebook page. It is so easy, quick and convenient. No matter where you are or what time it is you can jump online with your smart phone tablet or desktop computer and book your next consult.

Plus in response to COVID-19 lockdowns we have also introduced Telemedicine. So if you just can’t get to the vet you can still seek veterinary advice and guidance from your regular Fur Life Vet team right from your home.

Your Fur Life Vet can discuss your pet’s symptoms, use your device’s camera to remotely inspect your pet and decide if a follow-up appointment at the clinic is required.
Think of it as triage for your pet that is both practical and convenient!

Oh and did we mention how easy it is to book a telemedicine consult?
Just two simple steps and you’re done!

1. Click

2. Connect


Check out our cool Telemedicine video

Book an appointment online with your local Fur life Vet. 

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