Did you know that common pest repellents we use on ourselves are harmful to pets?

Insect repellents that contain the following products can be toxic to pets, even fatal:

  • DEET
  • Citronella
  • Eucalyptus oils
  • Tea tree oil
  • Many essential oils
  • Never use a “dog-only” pyrethrin/permethrin-containing product on your cats – it can be fatal.

Veterinary Recommended Products:


  • Advantix spot on – registered for mosquitos, midges and biting flies
  • Topical sprays – repel-X
    and flygon


There really isn’t a repellent safe for cats. Try to avoid mosquitos in the environment by using insect screens, mosquito repelling plants and removing stagnate water.

Mosquito-repelling plants

These common, mosquito-repelling plants are safe for pets:



Lemon Balm


Mozzie breeding ground

Standing water is a mosquito’s home base. Water containers, ponds, or puddles in your yard are an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Keep them covered or cleaned as best you can.

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