Meet the delightful, mischevious, energetic Milo!

There is nothing quite as special as welcoming a new pet into your home. Whether you choose to adopt an older dog or cat in need of a forever home or decide on a wide-eyed and fluffy puppy or kitten the experience is a mix of adventure and learning and loving for everyone involved.

Our Fur Life Vet Clinic at Finley NSW has a tale to tell of one very mischevious but incredibly cute little puppy, Milo. Milo’s owners had never owned a dog before and were determined to give young Milo the best start in life.

A month into welcoming Milo into their home and after having a chat with the friendly team at Finley they signed Milo up to the Best Mates wellness program.

With a mischevious baby puppy like Milo the benefits that come with his Best Mates membership, particularly the unlimited free consults, provided peace of mind for his very protective and loving human family. And Milo’s family saved almost $600 in veterinary expenses just in the first 6 months of his Best Mates membership  – read on to find out more!

They also enrolled Milo in Puppy School which provided both Milo and his owners with a solid foundation to ensure little Milo became a model canine citizen. Milo graduated with flying colours!

  • Milo also made use of the other inclusions in the program, such as:
  • FREE desexing with pre anaesthetic blood test,
  • Regular FREE nail clips,
  • Discounted grooming,
  • Discounted medications,
  • Discounted parasite control,
  • Discounted food and
  • Discounted merchandise.

Milo’s membership has saved this loving family a lot of money since he became a part of the Best Mates program and they would have saved even more if they had joined before they had his vaccinations done!

So just how much has Milo’s family saved?

In the first 6 months of his membership Milo’s was desexed with pre-anaesthetic blood test, had his dew claws removed, had two babyteeth removed, had an ear infection, two distressing bouts of vomiting, revisited for his ear infection, was naughty and chewed his dew claw surgery, got very, very itchy, was treated to some yummy pigs ears, had several nail pedicures, visited the groomer twice for a full body clip and groom!

Wow – all up that amounted to $2147.70. But with Milo’s Best Mates Membership his family paid $1027.10. If we add in the Best Mates Membership cost of $525 the total paid = $1552.10 which means his family have saved $595.60 within the first 6 months of Milo’s membership. And the gorgeous Milo still has a further 6 months membership ahead including his unlimited Free consultations!*

Milo's Savings in Detail


Joined BEST MATES care plan.
Total $525.00

Full Body Clip/ Groom and Nail Trim – with sedation.
Hospital Stay $85.70
Clip 0-15kg $74.90
Nail Clip $30.70
ACP Injection $23.20
Butorgesic Injection $24.20
Total $238.70
Paid $149.65
Discount $89.05

Vaccination visit
C5 Vaccine $99.85
2x Pigs Ears $4.50
Nexgard Spectra 3 pack $66.25
Total $170.60
Paid $60.10
Discount $110.50

Nail trim
Nail clip $30.70
Paid $0
Discount $30.70

Hills 3.6 kg Nutrition $75.85
Pigs Ears x 4 $8.95
Total $84.40
Paid $ 72.05
Discount $12.75

Ear Infection
Standard consultation $75.00
Ear Swab Cytology $55.15
Otomax Ointment $107.80
Total $237.95
Paid $146.65
Discount $91.30

Vomiting for 45 minutes
Standard consultation $75.00
Cerenia injection $27.65
Total $102.65
Paid $24.85
Discount $77.80

Desexing, Full body clip, nails, dew claw and 2 x puppy teeth removal
PA Blood test $147.00
Castrate with GA $289.15
2 x dew claw removal $66.00
2 by puppy teeth removal $38.65
Nail clip $30.70
Clip $74.90
Elizabethan collar $9.60
Total $656.00
Paid $163.70
Discount $492.30

Revisit for ear infection and chewing dew claws
Revisit consult $55.90
Bandages for feet $49.50
Loxicom $25.90
Rilexine $32.55
Total $162.95
Paid $102.10
Discount $60.85

Merchandise/Parasite control
Nexgard Spectra 3 pack $75.50
Rapigel 250gm $51.50
Total $127.00
Paid $107.95
Discount $19.05

Full body clip, groom & nail trim
Clip 0-15kg $74.90
Nail clip $30.70
Neocort 50mg $36.40
Total $142.00
Paid $ 92.65
Discount $49.35

Pred-X trial (discussed during visit for itchy skin)
Pred-X tablets $23.50
Total $23.50
Paid $21.15
Discount $2.35

Vomiting with diarrhoea and ear infection
Standard consultation $75.00
Ear swab cytology $57.35
Cerenia injection $38.50
Total $170.85
Paid $86.25
Discount $84.60

Total $2672.70
Paid $1552.10
Total savings $1120.60

Milo’s Family Saved


in just 6 months!*

*Please note that services provided and associated costs may vary between clinics. Some services, such as grooming, may not be available at all clinics. For more information and Fur Life Vet’s Best Mates Terms & Conditions visit https://www.furlifevet.com.au/bestmates.

Best Mates

Did you know that a Best Mates Membership includes:

  • Unlimited FREE consults
  • FREE Desexing or Dental
  • FREE Vaccinations
  • DISCOUNTED professional services, nutrition and merchandise!

Plus more ...

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