So your cute puppy is now a teenage brat! Their hormones are kicking in and it can be a challenging time for them and you.

What kind of behaviours can you expect?

Fearful behaviour

Dogs typically experience another “fear period” around adolescence. A seemingly confident act scared around things they previously didn’t. Avoid potentially stressful situations and try and keep things consistent and predictable. Try to remain calm and relaxed around your dog. Make sure you expose them to things they are worried about gradually and at a pace they are comfortable with.



Although your dog is likely to have his adult teeth by now, there may be some discomfort as they settle into their jaw and expect a need to chew harder at this time. Make sure you provide plenty of opportunity for them to carry out this important behaviour. The good news is that chewing is calming for most dogs, so a win-win!

Not coming when called

They may lose focus and forget previous training such as coming on command. Don’t lose patience. Be consistent and continue to work on your dog’s recall in an environment with minimal distractions.



As persistent as your dog’s ‘bad habits’ appear to be, be persistent and consistent with your training and eventually it will pay off!

Worried about your dogs behaviour?

Talk to your Fur Life Vet about a consult with Dr. Ash Hargreaves – our pet Behaviouralist who can help you and your pet successfully navigate the teenage years.


Behaviour Bites with Dr Ash

Behaviour Bites

with Dr Ash Hargreaves

Hi my name is Ash and I am a vet practicing in Warrnambool in the western district of Victoria.
I am passionate about animal behaviour and the mental health of our pets. After graduating as a vet in 2015 I completed further studies in veterinary behaviour and now provide behaviour consultations along with general practice.
You can follow me on Instagram and Fur Life Vet on Facebook via the links below and stay tuned to the website for some super articles on pet behaviour.

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