And so are fireworks!

Summer storms and celebratory fireworks are two common occurrences in popular holiday destinations. Many dogs have a ruff time with both so it’s a good idea to be as prepared as you can in a new environment.

Our Fur Life Vets share a few tips along with some guidelines to help you help your pet safely navigate a night of fireworks or a summer storm.


Take your pet for a walk before the fireworks

This is a good way to tire them out and get them into a relaxed state. It also gives them a chance to empty their bladder and bowels so if they get super-scared, there won’t be much left to cause a mess.


Find a safe, secure spot (indoor if possible)

Locate somewhere that is safe for your pet to wait out the storm or fireworks. This can be difficult to do if you’re at camping ground, but it’s important to put their safety first. If your pet is particularly scared, you should nominate someone to forgo the fireworks display and stay behind to babysit. Remain calm and act normal as they will look to you for behavioural cues.


Distract them with a toy or a long-lasting treat

Some pooches will be distracted by their favourite chew toy or a new, tasty snack so be prepared with both.


Consider medication

If your pet is very agitated by thunderstorms and/or fireworks, speak to your Fur Life Vet about medication options to help ease their anxiety.


Make sure your pet is microchipped

Should the worst happen and they escape, a microchipped pet has a much greater chance of being found than one that isn’t.

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