Easter time brings yummy chocolate, hot cross buns and holidays for us humans, but what about our pets? Here’s our top three things to consider during this time to keep your pets happy, healthy and out of harms way.


We all love the yearly Easter indulge, however chocolate is extremely toxic for dogs and can be fatal. Even wrapped chocolates can be snatched and injested by your dog, so be sure it is kept out of reach and the treasure hunt doesn’t include your best mate!

Hot Cross Buns

Did you know that the raisins in those yummy Hot Cross buns are toxic to dogs? Avoid keeping them in areas where your dog can access them to avoid a nasty trip to the vet!

Travelling with Pets

If you’re planning on travelling with your pet over the long weekend, theres a few important things to consider before you go.  

  • Make sure your pet is up to date with all vaccinations, worming and parasite control before you depart. Remember to protect your pet against ticks and heartworm if travelling into areas prone to both parasites.
  • If you’re planning to camp, be prepared for destinations with potential risks like snakes and paralysis ticks.
  • Tags and microchips will help identify your pet in case your dog or cat gets lost. Make sure your contact details registered with your pet’s microchip are correct so you can easily be contacted if your pet goes missing.


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