While Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration of love and gift-giving, particular things can be very dangerous to your pets. When surprising your loved one, be careful to avoid these common pet dangers to avoid a surprise visit to your local vet.

1.  Flowers

Flowers are one of the most common gifts on Valentine’s Day, particularly roses and lillies. Unfortunately, these flowers are two of the worst for our pets as they can be extremely toxic. Be sure to keep them out of reach from your furry friends (cats in particular)!


2.  Chocolates

Chocolates are also a very common Valentine’s Day gift that is toxic to pets. Again, if you are giving chocolates as a gift, make sure they can’t be consumed by your pets.


3.  Gift Wrapping

Ribbons and strings are a fun treat for cats and cheeky puppies, however if swallowed they can get wrapped and tangled around their intestines. Be very careful to dispose of gift wrapping or put away in a safe place as soon as possible.


4.  Alcohol

Even small amounts of alcohol can make your pet sick, and too much can suppress their breathing, even leading to death. If you are celebrating with a drink, never leave it unattended around your pets.


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