Not so sweet corn!

A normally active and happy one and half year old year old Staffy came into the clinic with the owner concerned she had gone off her food over the last day or two and was a little lethargic. She was still drinking water and appeared normal except for slight discomfort in the abdominal region. However later on that day she started to vomit so the owner brought her back in to see Dr. Lisa at Fur Life Vet Epsom.

Dr Lisa questioned the owner who reported that the dog had been losing weight over the last month. She was also prone to scavenging from bins, eating anything and everything she found! Dr Lisa examined the Staffy and could feel a solid lump in her mid-abdominal region on palpitation. 

An x-ray showed a suspicious mottled region with areas of gas-filled loops which suggested the poor girl had a foreign body lodged in her intestine.

But what was it?

Dr Lisa performed abdominal surgery on the Staffy and removed a Corn Cob along with a section of damaged small intestine! 

Yes – a corn cob!

The Staffy with the adventurous appetite will make a full-recovery.

Warning –  yucky photos!

And the lesson from this little story?

Don’t leave corn-cobs (fresh, cooked or leftovers) lying around where your Doggo might just find them!

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