Meet Phelpsy, a cherished regular at Echuca Vet Clinic 👋

During a recent routine visit for arthritis injections, his owner mentioned a concerning lump on Phelpsy’s belly. It was determined that the lump needed to be removed, so this was booked in and taken care of. As Phelpsy was a Best Mates Member, the team decided to perform a dental scale & polish at the same time to help take care of his teeth as it was included in his membership.

Result? The lump was removed, ensuring Phelpsy’s health, and his smile is now gleaming thanks to the dental. Phelpsy’s membership saved him $967 on the day, and this year alone, he’s saved over $1400. Providing comprehensive care while saving you money – that’s the Best Mates way! 🐾

Best Mates

Did you know that a Best Mates Membership includes:

  • Unlimited FREE consults
  • FREE Desexing or Dental
  • FREE Vaccinations
  • DISCOUNTED professional services, nutrition and merchandise!

Plus more ...

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