We love a BBQ

It’s safe to say that as a nation, we love our BBQs! Grilling over an open fire really gets the tastebuds firing, but all those lovely smells are also very tempting for your pooch. Unfortunately, there are plenty of barbecued foods that can pose a problem for your furry friend. It’s vital you’re mindful of them to ensure Fido doesn’t get a mouthful.

High fat food & food with bones

Sausages and hamburgers all have copious amounts of fat, salt and preservatives – that’s precisely why they taste so good! While it’s very tempting to give you friend a few bites here and there, too much can upset their GI system and give them a case of the runs. And that’s not an outcome you want, especially when camping!

Food with bones, such as steak or chicken wings, are also big doggo no-nos. As they chow down, the bones can easily splinter which might damage their inner organs or at worse, pierce their bowel. 

Corn cobs

Chargrilled corn cobs straight off the barbie are a summertime favourite. But they shouldn’t be anywhere near your pet. Our vets see several dogs each week with intestinal blockages thanks to good ol’ corn cobs. It’s extremely painful, and often requires an expensive operation to remove.


Many of us love a tipple around the barbecue and it’s common to have open bottles and cans sitting all over the campsite. While it may be a bit of a laugh to watch your pet lapping up beer froth, it’s important to remember animals get drunk much quicker than we do. They can also suffer toxic aftereffects that in the worse cases, can be fatal. So keep a close eye on your can, beer bottle or wineglass.

Leftovers & rubbish

After you’ve (over) indulged, you may have leftovers. Be sure to wrap them securely and store them well away from your dog’s reach. The same can be said for rubbish. One stray kebab skewer poking out of a garbage bag left on the floor can have dire consequences for your beloved pet.

So enjoy your BBQ and make sure your 4-legged guests have their own meal to chow down on so they are not tempted to steal the leftovers and get themselves in trouble and you an unscheduled visit to the vet.   

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