What a beautiful time of year!

The leaves are falling, the summer heat is subsiding and cuddle season is fast approaching, but what does this time of year mean for your pets? Here’s a few things to be mindful of to keep your best mates happy and healthy throughout Autumn.

Arthritis & Joint Health

Cooler weather makes Arthritis and joint issues much more painful for your pets. If you have an older dog showing symptoms of these issues it is best to get it checked and managed before winter sets in.

Easter Chocolate

We all love the yearly Easter indulge, however chocolate is extremely toxic for dogs and can be fatal. Even wrapped chocolates can be snatched and injested by your dog, so be sure it is kept out of reach and the treasure hunt doesn’t include your best mate!


This time of year also brings out rodents, but rat or mouse poisions or traps can be very harmful to your pets. Seek less dangerous alternatives, and if your pet is often out and about, be mindful that your neighbours might be using poisons/traps. 


Grapes are in season in Autumn, however whilst they are nice for us to enjoy, they are toxic to dogs. If eaten, grapes can cause renal failure and make your dog very sick, so keep them away at all times.


While most mushrooms are safe, some are very poisonous. Autumn conditions encourage the growth of toadstools and fungi, so keep an eye out in your garden and on your walks and be sure to keep your pets away. If you suspect your pet has been in contact, get vet checked immediately. 

Flea & Tick Control

Year-round flea and tick control is imperative to prevent outbreaks and keep you pet happy and healthy. Check them regularly and if your pet shows symptoms get vet checked.

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